Gender Affirming Care

Like many others in the LGBTQ+ community, People of Trans Experience have specific health concerns and disparities when compared to the overall population.

But it’s also not safe to assume all people seeking gender affirming care face the same risks. That is why a culturally humble, trauma-informed approach is of the utmost importance to Equitas Health. Our model of care is unique and based upon the foundational principles of ethics in medicine. Know that you are in good hands at Equitas Health. We have a gender-affirming environment that is designed to meet your needs. However you define your gender, Equitas Health has a range of medical services just for you.

Gender-affirming services include:

  • Primary care including annual physicals
  • Gender affirming hormone therapy
  • Immunizations such as HPV and Hepatitis A and B
  • Mental health therapy
  • Psychiatry services
  • Culturally humble gynecology care with referrals to specialty providers as needed
  • Mammography education
  • Family planning including birth control, emergency contraception, and education related to family planning options
  • Screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • PrEP care (pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV)
  • HIV specialty care
  • Cervical cancer screenings

For more information please see our Gender Affirming Care Guide.

Find a Support Group

Learn About BreatheOut – Smoking Cessation for People of Trans Experience

Our Approach to Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

At Equitas Health, we believe our role is to help trans and gender non-conforming people live authentically. Too often, healthcare providers who serve the community act as obstacles rather than facilitators. We utilize Informed Consent and Shared Decision Making when designing individualized treatment plans and prescribing hormones. Our practitioners are able to diagnose Gender Dysphoria and support our patients throughout their process of identity affirmation. At our clinics, you do not need prior approval from a psychiatrist or therapist to start gender-affirming hormone therapy. Our providers will listen to you and help you map out a hormone regimen that will help you reach your goals, including those that affirm nonbinary or genderqueer identities. Each path to affirmation is as unique as the individual seeking support.

Wellness and Support at Mozaic

Mozaic is Equitas Health’s community wellness space for transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary youth and young adults in Columbus. There are no sliding check-in windows, no exam tables, no assumptions, no labels, no definitions. Just an opportunity to be yourself, talk with trans mentors, access safer sex supplies, and get HIV/STI testing. Contact at (614) 572-0820 or visit for more information.

Read Our Statement on the Arkansas Legislature’s Attack on Trans Lives


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