HIV/STI Testing & Prevention

We provide confidential HIV and STI testing at no cost to you, as well as risk reduction strategies. The majority of new infections could be stopped with the proper care and treatment.

From HIV/STI testing for individuals and couples to prevention strategy education about resources like PrEP, Equitas Health is aiming to reduce new infections in Ohio.

Please note: HIV prevention materials & information may not be appropriate for all ages.

PrEP Health Navigation

PrEP is a once-daily pill that can prevent HIV. Our PrEP Health Navigators can help you connect to programs that make PrEP free for most Ohioans.

Harm Reduction

Our comprehensive harm reduction model includes: HIV, Hepatitis C and STI testing, syringe exchange and safer use education, naloxone distribution, PrEP referrals, 22G syringes for the trans community, linkage to treatment & counseling.