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Updated 6/1/2021

Tell the Senate to Support the For The People Act (S.1)

Federal Policy | Voting Rights

As state legislatures across the country move to restrict our access to the ballot, we must call on Congress to protect and expand voting rights. Without proper access to the ballot, we run the risk of our voices being diminished by special interests, partisan gerrymandering, or legislative attempts to suppress the vote.

The For the People Act is a comprehensive legislative measure that addresses voting rights, election administration, campaign finance, and the practice of gerrymandering. In order to make sure our voices are represented in the halls of power, the Senate must pass the For the People Act.

Contact the Senate Today!

Stand Up for Trans Youth

State Policy | LGBTQ+

Across the country, conservative legislators are introducing dangerous and discriminatory bills targeting transgender youth and those who provide them care. These bills seek to prohibit trans youth from participating in organized sports in accordance with their gender identity and expression and even seek to criminalize gender affirming services. There are two bills currently pending in the Ohio General Assembly that seek to restrict the participation of trans kids in high school and college sports – let them know that we won’t tolerate attacks on trans youth.

Contact the Ohio Senate Now

Ban Conversion Therapy in Ohio

State Policy | LGBTQ+

SB50, sponsored by Senator Antonio and Senator Maharath, would ban conversion therapy for minors in Ohio. This practice is already outlawed in 20 states, and the bill is backed by organizations like Equitas Health, Human Rights Campaign, and the American Psychiatric Association.

As a community health center servicing a LGBTQ+ population, we understand the astronomical harm this practice causes, especially to LGBTQ+ youth.

Contact the Ohio Senate Now


Protect Patient Savings by Addressing Copay Accumulator Adjustment Policies

State Policy | Access to Healthcare

House Bill 135 would prohibit insurers from implementing copay accumulator adjustment policies that discriminate against patients who need high-priced medication. Often these are patients living with chronic, complex, or life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, HIV, arthritis, and more. Currently, copay assistance does not count toward a patient’s deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. When copay assistance runs out, patients are stuck paying the bill, often a second time, and out of their own pockets.

When confronted with high costs and no remaining available assistance, patients are likely to abandon their treatment all together; this adversely affects a patient’s health outcomes and can ultimately lead to costly emergency visits and hospital stays for individuals with chronic conditions. Ohio needs to pass HB 135 to ensure all payments made by or on behalf of patients are counted toward the patient’s deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

Contact Speaker Cupp Now and Request a Vote for HB 135!

Oppose Voter Suppression Bill in Ohio

State Policy | Voting Rights

 House Bill 294, introduced this spring, would cut down on early voting, limit ballot drop boxes, stiffen voter ID requirements, and place other arduous restrictions on voting in Ohio. We must stand up against any attempt to suppress the vote in Ohio – we deserve the opportunity to demonstrate our political power at the ballot box. We are #countworthy.

Join All On the Line Ohio in Opposing HB 294!

Ensure LGBTQ+ Protections in Federal Law

Federal Policy | LGBTQ+

 The United States Senate has the historic opportunity to codify protections from discrimination for LGBTQ+ people in employment, housing, credit, health care, education, and public accommodations. The House of Representatives passed the Equality Act earlier this year and it is beyond time that the Senate take up this issue and ensure equal protection for LGBTQ+ people under the law. The legislation, in line with the Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, will solidify the framework pieced together by SCOTUS rulings, federal executive orders, and protections enshrined in state law across the country.

Contact Your Senator and Express Your Support for the Equality Act

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